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I save 213 training documents in hubiC

David trains teachers on new technologies. Before he found hubiC, he carried his training documents around on a USB stick.

David often left his USB behind, forgetting to remove it from the various computers he used during his training sessions. Today David no longer has to keep tabs on his USB, as he saves his his PowerPoint files in hubiC. When he arrives at a training centre, he opens a web browser on a computer linked up to a video projector and, in just a few clicks, he logs in to to get the presentation he needs.

As his files are synchonised with his home computer, he can be sure to get the latest version of his document in hubiC, including the latest changes he made at home the previous night or even the same morning.

He can be sure to get the latest version of his documents on hubiC

For David, hubiC has another advantage: "At the end of my classes, I create a publication link for my presentation, and I offer to send the link to the teachers via email so they can download the presentation. It's extremely practical!