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Data security

OVH expertise here to support your data

The hubiC infrastructure is located in the OVH datacentres in France. OVH has applied its hosting expertise in order to provide a robust solution for your data (server, internet network, electric network,...).

Your data privacy

Only have access to the content of your hubiC storage space and can share your files. You are also fully responsible for the content you upload to hubiC and share with your friends and family. Plus the hubiC service is subject to French law, which is particularly strict regarding personal data protection and respect for privacy.

24/7 on-site presence and data redundancy

The OVH technical teams are responsible for the ongoing maintainance of the datacentres and network infrastructure. When an incident occurs, they intervene immediately. The infrastructure's critical hardware is redundant in order to keep the risk of unavailability to a minumum. The datacentres are powered by two separate electrical power supplies, equipped with UPS devices and power generators in case of electrical failure.

Ultra-high security datacentres

Data stored in hubiC is hosted in OVH datacentres, used exclusively by OVH. These datacentres are designed, built and equipped to prevent any intrusions or hazards. They're kitted out with security and fire-proof doors, and are continuously protected by video surveillance and movement detection systems. Their boundaries are secured with barbed-wire fencing.

Plus a surveillance team is on-site 24/7 to intervene if any issues arise and verify the identity of every member of staff. Every individual must present an electronic badge and pass a biometric check to access the buildings. This set of procedures ensures that the sites are inviolable and prevents any third party from physically accessing your data.