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What is hubiC?

hubiC is a service developed by OVH which enables you to save documents such as photos and videos online, in a totally private secure space, to share them with who you choose, and to make them available on various devices: computers, tablets, smartphones.

What is synchronisation?

Synchronisation is the process of locating identical files on several computers and updating them to reflect any modifications made from one or more of your devices.

What is sharing?

Sharing a photo or any oher document means allowing the people of your choice to access it via a URL address (or link). Those that receive the share link can then view your file (in the case of photos), and download it using a simple web browser. You can create a share link for one of your documents from any of the hubiC applications, and then you can send it by email or SMS, or share it via the social networks. There's no limit to how many times you can share your files. You can cancel a share at any time, so that the share link no longer gives access to your document. If you don't cancel it, the share link will have a lifespan of 5, 10 or 30 days, depending on the option you chose at the time of creating it.

Who is OVH?

OVH is a privately owned French company based in Roubaix, founded by Octave Klaba in 1999. It's the n°1 hosting service provider in France and Europe, and n°3 globally (Netcraft, November 2012). What is OVH's main asset? Total control of the chain from hosting, to datacentre design and server manufacturing. In it's 14 years of existence, OVH has acquired solid experience in data storage, protection and accessibility. Today with hubiC, the hosting company is offering its expertise to the widest audience.

How does hubiC make life easier for me?

Imagine you no longer need to keep a USB key with you, and you never have to email yourself again just to access your own documents on another computer. You don't even need to buy external hard drives to store your data!! All your files are now in one safe place and are available wherever you may be, even via your smartphone as you walk down the street! You can even share these documents with your family, friends and colleagues in just a few clicks.

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