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"With hubiC, I can access photos from my smartphone anywhere!"

18-year-old student Mark is constantly taking photos with his smartphone. He likes being able to access at any time and anywhere the tons of photos stored in his storage space.

With the touch of a button, Mark can document moments of his daily life forever. From intimate moments with his girlfriend between lectures to his lunch in the uni canteen, the student will snap absolutely everything. At the end of a day of studying, he can't wait to get home to edit the photos he uploaded to his online storage space via the hubiC app on his smartphone, and create some stunning photomontages to share with his friends.

With the hubiC publication feature, he can share a link to his photos on social media.

As hubiC lets him access his documents anywhere from any of his connected devices, he can share snapshots of his life via his tablet during family meals. This is certainly a good ice breaker when Mark's mum has his girlfriend's parents over for dinner!