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100 GB of storage space for €1/month

Using the different hubiC applications for PCs and mobiles, you can access documents in your online storage space and share them with friends and family from anywhere: home, the office, even with your mobile when travelling. With hubiC, your documents are always to hand when you need them!

hubiC: your online hard drive!

Online storage with hubiC is very simple. Think of hubiC as your online hard drive... only better! Your files are actually replicated three times, within three separate datacentres to guarantee the absolute security of your data, and to ensure maximum availability.

Your documents updated automatically across all your devices

With the hubiC desktop application, the contents of your hubiC folder - which you have on all your workstations - are synchronised across all your devices. Whenever you drag and drop a document into your hubiC folder, it's then automatically deposited into your storage space. If you edit this file, these changes will be also be made to the file in hubiC. You will therefore always have the latest version of your documents in hubiC. We call this synchronisation.

Very competitive prices

hubiC offers lowcost online storage without compromising on the security of your data, which is hosted at 3 separate OVH datacentres on French soil. As OVH is the European leader in web hosting, hubiC has the advantage of huge economies of scale, as well as proven expertise in data storage. hubiC's aim is to give access to internet storage to the masses.

Need more space?

Approaching your 100 GB storage limits? No problem! You can upgrade your account at any time to get, within minutes, a 10 TB personal cloud.