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I secure my business documents in hubiC

Olivia set up her own architecture firm and works both from the office and home. Oliver, her husband, is a freelance journalist specialised in IT press communications.

They realised that their professional and personal data was very important and vulnerable after a series of burglaries in their neighbourhood. Now they couldn't live without having a secure backup of their hard drives.

They chose hubiC to back up their data.

They store everything in hubiC: Olivia's projects and plans, Oliver's articles and reports, joint photos, videos and bills. Both of them has a computer and a mobile phone and they share a tablet. Olivia also has a PC at work. For them, the biggest advantages of hubiC are its file synchronisation feature and its accessibility - it can be accessed from any device connected to the internet. Olivia added: "I also use the publication feature a lot as it makes my life easier. I used to send my designs as an email attachment, but, as these very large files wouldn't always reach their destination, this wasn't always straightforward or secure. With the publish and share feature in hubiC, I can now send my projects in download links. Problem solved!"