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John uses hubiC to store family videos

From photos of his son's first steps to a video of his daughter's dance show, all of John's photos and videos are stored on his personal computer, where he saves all the small and big events of his life.

When he heard about hubiC, he saw the potential it offered him for backing up his personal files. Without a second thought, he chose to safeguard his memories.

He chose to safeguard his memories.

He chose to store his data in a 10 TB personal cloud , the large-format solution. He took advantage of its size to secure his admin records, such as payslips, tax statements and his family's passports and birth certificates. His poor internet connection has always slowed down his file uploads, but he likes being able to find all his files organised in one folder on his computer or mobile phone, and he thinks the iOS app is "simple and practical". He's now happy that he didn't just jump into using any old storage solution. "The last time we went abroad, we had our passports stolen. I was able to retrieve scans of our IDs and all the information we needed from my hubiC account to get new ones quickly. This had the potential to completely ruin our holiday, but instead ended up being a minor glitch."