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I use hubiC to enable me to work on several computers

Sarah is a freelance translator. As she needed a work place, she set up an office in a very cramped space in her attic. When the sun's shining, she naturally abandons her PC to continue working outdoors on her laptop.

hubiC has made it much easier for Sarah to move from one computer to another. She used to have to email her work to herself to access it from her other computer. She was also limited to keeping just one version of a file. In the end, she ran the risk of getting into a real pickle!

Today, Sarah no longer needs to worry when she works outdoors.

She installed the hubiC application on both of her computers. As hubiC automatically synchronises her files, she can access the up-to-date versions anywhere. When she edits a document on either one of her workstations, the changes are propagated across all of her devices, including her iPad and iPhone, which she uses to read her translations in bed at night. hubiC goes beyond just making Sarah's life easier. It has also got this intelligent yet sometimes forgetful translator out of a few sticky situations. Recently, in a rush to get to a friend's house in time for dinner, Sarah forgot to send a translation to one of her clients. She simply borrowed her friend's computer to log in to the hubiC web app, created a publication link to the document and sent it to her client: something she could've also done with her smartphone, if she hadn't forgotten to charge it before leaving home.