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Web App

What is the hubiC web application?

The web application is an interface that is accessed via a simple internet browser, without any need for pre-installed software on the computer you are using. It allows you to access the documents you have stored on hubiC, and it allows you to share, delete, modify, relocate and rename them. hubiC is the ideal solution when you're not at home on your own computer e.g. at work, at a friend's house, in a cybercafé etc.

Which web browsers are compatible with the web application?

The web application is compatible with all internet browsers; Firefox (from version 4.0), Internet Explorer (from 8.0), Chrome, Safari, Opera…

Can I deposit a folder on hubiC with the web application?

No, the web application does not allow folders to be deposited. To do so, you have to use the hubiC application installed your computer..

What file types can I view directly from within the web application, without having to download them?

Within the application, you can view image files in .jpeg, .png, .gif and .bmp format. You can also view other other image file formats using your web browser. What's more, many browsers allow you to view pdf files, without having to install the software. For other file types, you will need to download them first, and then open them using the relevant applications installed on your computer.

Can I view my photos in a slide show?

Yes, you can display photos from the same directory in full screen mode. To launch the slide show, simply open a photo by clicking on it.

Does hubiC allow video and audio streaming?

No, not at the moment.

What happens if I accidentally close the browser window while operations are in progress?

Completed actions will not be affected. Any operations in progress or queued will be cancelled, so you will have to repeat them. If the operation in progress consisted of moving files, you may find the file in your hubiC in both the original and destination locations. You then simply have to delete the file in the original location. This guarantees you that no data will be accidentally lost, due to an accidental closing of the window or a power failure.

How long will my session remain active?

The session has a maximum lifespan of one month (31 days), provided that the web application window in your browser remains open and your internet connection remains active. As soon as you close this window or lose your internet connection (especially when you shut down your computer), the session will be lost and you will have to log in again next time you connect to the service.

How do I log out of the application?

To log out, click on your email address in the top right hand corner of the interface, then click on “Log out” in the drop-down menu. Don't forget to log out when using a public computer so that nobody else can access your files.

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