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Who are we?

The hubiC online storage service was developed and set up by OVH, a specialist data hosting company based in France. Files deposited by users on hubiC are therefore stored in three OVH datacentres and maintained by in-house teams.

Trust the European leader in web hosting

OVH is the n°1 web hosting service provider in Europe*, and n°3 globally*. The company operates in 16 countries on 3 continents, with 150,000 servers spread across 12 datacentres. Founded by Octave Klaba in 1999, the 100% independent company now has over 600 employees.

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Total control of the hosting chain

OVH aims to bring the best of technology to the masses. In order to control costs and the production chain for all services, OVH doesn't outsource. Servers are manufactured, datacentres are designed and maintained, and support is provided for 700,000 customers, all by in-house teams. OVH also stands out by reinvesting all profits into R&D, enabling the company to remain at the forefront of innovation.

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Environmentally friendly

One of OVH's main concerns was drastically reducing datacentre power consumption. As a result, a server cooling system was developed to exploit the heat conductive properties of water. Almost 70% of heat is evacuated by circulating refrigerated liquid through heat exchangers, at close proximity to the components that generate the most heat. The remaining 30% is evacuateed by natural ventilation, thanks to the way the buildings have been designed. By doing away with electrical air conditioning, OVH has managed to reduce energy consumption in its datacentres by nearly 50%. This exclusive water cooling system gives OVH the technological edge over competitors. Energy savings, along with the economies of scale generated by constant growth of the business allow OVH to offer high performance file hosting solutions at increasingly competitive prices, without ever compromising on quality.

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OVH: a key player in cloud computing

OVH has been heavily investing in cloud computing since 2010. The company has spent over €25 million - without any government assistance - on deploying in-house cloud solutions such as hubiC. All solutions have been designed to deliver the best possible service to the users; they are based on the latest technologies and OVH's own global fibre optic network. The OVH network has 33 points of presence around the world and is developing a total capacity of 2200 Gb per second to the global internet. This infrastructure guarantees users high volume flow, quality bandwidth and low latency.

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*source Netcraft, November 2012